• What is ShineLight-Traffic?
ShineLight-Traffic is a manual surf traffic exchange specifically designed to help marketers market their site(s) to other like-minded individuals. By participating in ShineLight-Traffic, you can purchase or earn credits. These credits can then be assigned to web sites or banners or text links. Once assigned, our other members will begin viewing your advertisements
  • What is a Traffic Exchange?
A traffic exchange is exactly that -- an exchange of traffic. You view other members sites that they are marketing (or purchase credits), in exchange for other members viewing your sites.
  • What is Surfing?
Surfing is the process of viewing other members sites. You will have to view each site for a predetermined number of seconds. Then, you will be allowed to "surf" onto the next site.
  • What does "Manual" Surfing Mean?
Manual surfing means that you must perform an action (clicking an image) to view the next site and earn more credits. By making all users wait till the timer reaches zero and click a correct image, this ensures that real visitors are actually looking at your sites.
  • Is ShineLight-Traffic Free?
Absolutely. When a member first signs up for ShineLight-Traffic their account level is free. Any user can remain a free member and continue to enjoy free benefits for a lifetime. However if you are wanting to receive maximum benefits from ShineLight-Traffic, you should consider upgrading to a Gold, Platinum or Diamond account.


  • Why Can't I Login?
Your browser must be configured to accept cookies and must have javascript enabled.
  • Can I Have More Than One Account?
Absolutely not. Having more than one account is a direct violation of the Terms of Service and may result in account deletion and/or a permanent ban from ShineLight-Traffic. 
  • What Are The Benefits Of Upgrading MyAccount?
By upgrading to a Gold, Platinum or Diamond account you will receive numerous benefits. Please see the membership chart for more details about the packages.
  • How Do I Upgrade?
Please visit the upgrade page. You need to login to your member area to the upgrade page.

  • What Are Credits?
Credits are like a point system and how you earn traffic to your sites.
  • What Are Credits Good For?
Credits are good for getting traffic to your sites and for getting banner impressions on the surfing page. The more credits you accumulate, the more exposure your sites, banners, & text links will get.
  • How Do I Earn Credits?
You earn credits by surfing other members web sites, bonus pages, and by taking special offers from ShineLight-Traffic. The easiest way to earn credits is to surf. You can do this by logging into your account and clicking the 'Surf Now' button.
  • Can I Buy Credits?
Yes. If you cannot find the time to earn credits, or simply want more credits, you may purchase credits from ShineLight-Traffic. You can purchase from 1000 credits to 5,000 credits.

  • What Is A Referral?
A referral is a person who you get to sign up by clicking on one of your referral banners or your referral link. Once they sign up, they will be placed "under" you in your downline. You can then begin earning percentages of their surfing credits just for referring them!
  • What  Good Is It To Get Referrals?
The benefits of having a downline (direct referrals) are great. You earn a percentage of EVERY MEMBER in your downlines credits every time THEY surf.  The more referrals you have, the more credits you will earn. More credits equals more advertising exposure! You can also earn up to 50% commissions on your referrals purchases and upgrades, depending on your account type.
  • Where Can I Find My Referral Links, Banners, or Splash Pages?
Promotional materials can be found in your member area.



You may contact us using our support ticket system.


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